Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Association
About Us
IRMRA Quality Policy
  • To provide Timely, Innovative & World Class services by systematically adhering to Quality Management Systems and Procedures
  • To design, develop and validate the Rubber Products as per requirement of our customers
  • To provide Reliable, Dependable and Traceable testing & evaluation services to our customers
  • To enhance the Technical Competency of rubber and allied products manufacturers and end users by imparting training
  • To strive to continuously improve Safety, Morale and Work Environment of all our stake holders by implementing pertaining international standards like QMS, EMS, OSHAS including ISO 17025 2005

Dr. P. Thavamani,

Patents Applied

"Reclaiming of Waste Butyl Tyre Tube by Electron Beam Technique" : --
by Dr. Papiya Sen Majumder & Dr. Madhu Sudan Banerji.

"A Process of making Ozone Resistant Natural Rubber" : --
by Mrs. Anushree Dukhande & Dr. Madhu Sudan Banerji.

"Improved Process for making Polymer Booting for Manipulators : -- by Solution Casting Method" : -- by Mr. K Rajkumar & Dr. Madhu Sudan Banerji.

"Pollution Controlled Reclaiming of Tire Tread" : --
by Mr. Yogesh J. Ner & Dr. Madhu Sudan Banerji.

Our Team
Team Of Scientists

  1. Mr. K. Rajkumar, Director
  2. Mr. Niteesh Sukhla, Assistant Director
  3. Mr. Mohammad Anis, Assistant Director
  4. Mr. Sachin Arun Barve, Scientific Officer
  5. Mr. Manohar Nawale, Scientific Officer
  6. Mr. B. S. Yadav, Jr. Scientific Officer


  1. Mr. Prashant Prabhakar Bankar, Sr. HR Officer
  2. Mr. Mahesh Narottam Vaja, Chief Accounts Officer
  3. Mr. N. A. Phondke, Officer
  4. Mr. Yogesh Chavan, Supply Chain Logistics Executive
  5. Mr. Hemant Rajendra Khairnar, Asst. Finance Officer

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